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Step 1:

STRIVESCAN- register before the event!

You will be using StriveScan on your phone to give your information to schools, so please make sure you have your cell phone and a charger for the day.





Step 2:

Each school will be giving a 15 min presentation about their school. You must stay for each 45 min section which will allow you to see 3 schools at a time or we have 2 special sessions (indicated by an *).




Step 3:

Each student attending will have to go to AT LEAST 2 Sessions (each session is 45 min and will either be 3 college presentations or a special session*). Each student MUST sign up below for 3 sessions during the day (because the 3rd session will be your back up in case one of your preferred sessions gets filled. Seniors get first dibs on sessions). We will do our best to give you your preferred sessions, but it is not a guarantee.

Step 4:

Decide if you want to pack a lunch or if you want to ORDER PANERA for the day (please order by October 5th). You can either order Panera online or you can print out an order form HERE and have your teacher order for you. Ask your teacher what they prefer. Panera is $14 cash or check to Niles West High School given to your teacher before the event.



Please make sure you have 6-25 portfolio pieces ready to go.  You can present in a portfolio or digitally (such as on an iPad).  Please review the schools attending so you know which schools you want to go see. PLEASE REGISTER FOR STRIVESCAN BEFORE THE DAY OF THE EVENT. Please bring a phone charger or external charger for the day as well. We will provide you with free WiFi for the day.


  • Please dress professionally

  • Please come prepared with your portfolio and artwork (6-25 pieces)

  • Be prepared to talk about your artwork and answer questions about your artwork

  • Take copious notes on anything the college representatives say about your artwork

  • Get the business card of each person you talk with and fill out their information cards if you want more info about their college.  If it's your top choice school, we recommend sending them a thank you email after the day.

  • Come prepared with questions for the college representative

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